måndag 19 november 2012



I will work whit technology and i will work about headphones. How it is made and how to get a good sound.


I going to read and write poems because I like it and very interest.

fredag 16 november 2012

This will i work with

I will work with a englishspeaking country. I will work with the contry Nigeria.

English speaking countries

Im chose to write about Nya Zeeland, because I dosn´t now anything about this countrey. 

English Speaking Countries

I chose to write a text about English speaking countries or City’s. I chose the city New York in USA. I´m going to write about my dream trip to New York. I chose New York because I have always wanted to visit the city.  

torsdag 15 november 2012

My Choice of Project

Here you will find information about our project as well as documents that you will find on First Class in your English file. Good luck with your work!

My Choice of Project (information here, watch this short movie)

fredag 9 november 2012

Welcome to our blog!

I am looking forward to your project about poetry, technic and different countries. We will get started next week.